I is learnin’ things

So I have done a lot of printing over the last two weeks. About 144 hours of printing in reality. That’s about 6 full non-stop days in a 14 day period. So let me share some of what I have done and learned in the process. What I’ve Done/Learned I learned – through a few […]


This is an 18g steel sheet cloud shelf with 1/2 acrylic rod accents. It was on display at the Kenilworth Open House in April of 2017. It was the only thing that I was able to finish prior to the fire on the UWM campus. 

The semester so far.

This semester seems to be more productive, at least when it comes to having physical objects come out of it. I have been taking an animation class which I have been enjoying, although it is a bit tedious at times. And I am loving my sculpture class. For my animation class I have produced a […]