Em Jack is an interdisciplinary artist from Madison, WI who utilizes sculpture and digital practices including 3D printing to explore new processes of art creation. She is currently attending the Peck School of the Arts at University of Wisconsin ā€“ Milwaukee, and is set to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Studio Practice with a focus on Sculpture, and a certificate in Digital Fabrication and Design in the spring of 2018. During her time at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee she has also studied American sign Language and plans to use that in her future business practices. Jack is a recipient of GMF Dorothy & Ruth Smith Fund Scholarship and the Art General Scholarship for her academic success in her first year of attendance at the Peck School of the Arts. She is the recipient of Freshmen Honors in 2014 and Sophomore Honors in 2015 from the recommendation of faculty at the Peck School of the Arts and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Her work has been shown in exhibitions at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, as well as other galleries in both Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In the fall of 2017 she started working with 3D printing as a way to take two dimensional art and move it into a three dimensional space. She is currently working on a collaborative project with approximately 35 artists worldwide to create a collection of three dimensional canvases that showcase the use of different art techniques and styles on a single base form that each individual artist received. The final piece will be on display at the Peck School of the Arts BFA Exhibition in the Spring of 2018.

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