A new week, but no problem

Since replacing my heating element for my hotend I noticed something interesting. Before, when it was having issues, my bed would make this huge jerk when it rounded to the front left of a print as well as make a lot of noise. It doesn’t do that anymore. I don’t know what changed in the […]

I needed a tissue for my issue

So I recently ran into a problem with my printer. It was either not getting up to temp, or it was getting up to temp, but once the print started it would drastically reduce temp in the middle forcing the filament to cool and flow as it should. The wires that lead to the heating […]

Failures and advances

So I have been trying a few things to get me a little further in my project. I attempted to use femo clay to smooth out the surface and the edges of the printed form. However, that was a terrible failure. The clay would not adhere to the form. It keep peeling up and it […]

I’m getting closer

There have been a few hitches in the giddy-up this week. My extruder clogged twice. Once was due to the fact that the roll popped off the holder, so that was my fault. I did kind of get the back filament from Hatchbox to work. It was all about the temperature that I was running […]